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You Don’t have to be the Lead Dog to be a Leader

Have you heard the saying that unless you’re the lead dog the view is terrible (or some variation)? As you can see from the picture above – which I took on my first and only dog sled ride when I was working with a hospital in Alaska several years ago – that is just not true. The view is what you make it, wherever you happen to be.

I have known and worked with CEOs who could not be more unhappy with “their view” in life, and I’ve worked with housekeepers who would make Pollyanna look like a grump. I’m sure you have as well. How good your view in life is depends a whole lot less on where you are in line than on what you choose to see as you look around.

This is also a great metaphor for the leadership imperative in today’s turbulent, fast-changing and hyper-competitive world. To survive, much less thrive, in this environment your organization must have leadership in every corner, not just in the corner office.

Leaders are people who take initiative, who go above and beyond what’s expected – what’s in the job description, whether or not by position they are at the front of the line.

Management is a job description – leadership is a life decision. Management is what you do – leadership is who you are. A culture of accountability fosters management mindsets – a Culture of Ownership fosters leadership mindsets.

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