Results from more than a thousand responses to the 60-Second Culture IQ Test
August 12, 2019
Complaining or Compassion? You Cannot Have Both at Once!
August 15, 2019
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Positive Culture Change can be FUN!!!

Clockwise from upper left: Methodist Hospital Pickle Squad; checking a Pickle Challenge Toolkit with CNO Jane McCurley and Pickle Squad leader Crissy Womble; a feast of pickle cookies; contents of the Pickle Challenge Toolkit; leadership team attendees at the Pickle Challenge for Charity launch

Yesterday I posted an article summarizing more than one thousand responses to our simple Culture IQ Test (article archived here). These results were very much in line with what other organizations that study corporate culture and employee engagement find – that, in the words of the most recent Gallup study, the American workplace is “broken.”

There are two guiding insights behind all of our work at Values Coach. The first insight is that culture does not change unless and until people change. The culture of any organization is shaped by the collective attitudes and behaviors of the people who work there. If no one is willing to make a personal change then culture will not change.

The second insight is that people will not make fundamental changes unless something convinces them that they will be personally better off making those changes and gives them new strategies and inspires them to make the effort.

That is why The Pickle Challenge for Charity is such a powerful way to launch culture change.

The Pickle Challenge makes people more aware of their own negative attitudes and of the level of negativity in their workplace environment.

The Pickle Pledge gives people a simple shared approach to eliminating toxic emotional negativity by challenging themselves and each other to replace entitlement and resentment (two underlying causes of all complaining) with gratitude and initiative.

And the charity connection inspires people to contribute to a cause that pulls at their heartstrings by turning complaints into charitable contributions.

I wish that you all could have been with me to witness the launch of The Pickle Challenge for Charity at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s in San Antonio, Texas last week. Their leadership team is committed to fostering a more positive Culture of Ownership across the organization and to have fun doing it. In the process, they are going to raise money for the HCA Hope Fund.

You can download a one-page overview of many of the Pickle Challenge activities that have been planned by the Methodist Hospital Pickle Squad at this link.

Did you take the Culture IQ Test yourself? How did you rate your organization? If you aren’t happy with your score – and if it was less than 20 you should not be happy with it – what are you willing to do about it? Are you going to talk to your coworkers? Talk to your CEO?

If you haven’t taken the Culture IQ Test yet, do it now. It will only take one minute.

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