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September 11, 2018
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Nobody is Justa Just a… Never Apply that Word to a Human, Including Yourself

When it is applied to a human being, the word “just” is the most unjust word in the English language.

As in “He’s just a janitor.” Without environmental services workers, hospitals, schools and factories would come to a quick and screeching halt.

As in “I’m just a stay-at-home Mom.” What could be more important and more honorable than investing your time and energy into your children.

Nobody is just a justa.

I took the picture above from a window at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. These “justa” construction workers are building a new hospital building. They each know what they are to do, and they do it with skill and precision. Lives will depend upon them doing it right.

It is human nature to judge a stranger, to make assumptions about that person’s aspirations and potentials, based upon the nametag they wear to work. I do it and you do it.

It is also unfair and unjust. So when you catch yourself doing it, remind yourself that you don’t know anything about the human being you are judging.

Especially if the human being you are judging is the one you see looking back at you from the mirror.

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