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November 13, 2018
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November 18, 2018
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National Pickle Free Zone Day for a More Positive Workplace

Enjoy eating your pickles – just don’t
look like you’ve been sucking on one!

According to the billboard at my local bank, today is National Pickle Day.

Today is also a great day to declare your workspace to be a PFZ – a Pickle Free Zone. Encourage everyone to take to heart the Pickle Pledge, and turn every complaint into either a blessing or a constructive suggestion. And take The Pickle Challenge by encouraging everyone to turn every complaint into a 25-cent contribution to the charity of your choice.

But don’t just make it one single pickle free day; make being pickle free a part of your cultural DNA. You will enjoy a more pleasant workplace, do a better job of serving those that you are there to serve, and have more fun to boot. And at the end of the day, you’ll go home in a better mood instead of dumping stress and emotional negativity on your family.

Here’s the bottom line: whatever you tell me your values are, I’m quite certain that being a pickle-sucker or emotional vampire is contrary to those values. The Pickle Pledge and The Pickle Challenge will help you do a better job of being authentic and living your values.

For more ideas, check out the Pickle Pledge website and buy the book Pickle Pledge (by yours truly and Bob Dent).

Then give Values Coach a call at 319-624-3889 to see how we can help your organization build a more positive Culture of Ownership (as described in our book Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare).

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