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July 24, 2019
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July 30, 2019
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Making today’s vision tomorrow’s reality begins by changing what you see in the mirror

Have you seen the internet meme of the tabby cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion look back? Or the variation of the little grey cat looking into a puddle of water and seeing a tiger look back?

I love those images. They are a reminder that at a personal level the most important thing we must do to achieve our biggest goals and become the people we are meant to be is to overcome our own negative self-talk, poor self-image, and self-limiting beliefs. We must look in the mirror and see not what is there now but what could be there if we didn’t allow fear to stop us from doing what must be done to achieve those goals and to become that person.

They are also a reminder of the single-most-important duty of a leader. A leader is someone who helps you achieve goals that you did not know you could achieve by helping you become the person that you did not know you could be. By becoming the lion or the tiger in your mirror.

As I was thinking about this article, I came across the jigsaw puzzle pictured above on Amazon. Do you notice how it takes the lion or tiger in the mirror meme to another higher level?

It’s not enough to just see your potential, to visualize the goals you could achieve and the person you could become. You must do the work that is required to achieve those goals and become that person.

You must take action if you are to transform mere hopes, wishes, dreams and goals into what I call Memories of the Future. When you desire something so strongly, when you have such a powerful vision of it planted in your consciousness, that it is more like a memory than a dream, it will give you the motivation you need to overcome your fears and do the work.

Download the Memories of the Future Guidebook at this link. It walks you through my 10-A Formula for putting life and power into your dreams.

Memories of the Future Guidebook

The Pickle Pledge and The Pickle Challenge for Charity

The surest way to poison future dreams is to be a negative and pessimistic complainer about your current circumstances. This deleterious impact is greatly magnified if the people around you are also negative, cynical and pessimistic.

That’s why taking The Pickle Pledge to turn complaints into blessings and constructive suggestions is a powerful first step to becoming a stronger visionary yourself.

And that’s why The Pickle Challenge for Charity is a vital catalyst for an organizational culture that encourages everyone to see the lions and tigers in their mirrors without being dragged down and ridiculed by the Pickle Suckers in the break room.

Please download the Pickle Challenge Program Description and ask yourself if your organization wouldn’t be a better place to work if your team made that commitment.

If your answer is yes, and if you’re being honest with yourself it will be yes, then ask the powers that be where you work to enlist in this effort to make your workplace – and our world – a more pleasant and productive place. Thank you!

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