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November 5, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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Leadership Job #1 – Maximizing Human Potential with Values

“We first looked into Values Coach because we liked the concept of a culture of ownership that embraces people at all levels of the organization. After visiting Children’s Hospital of New Orleans and seeing the incredible impact the Values and Culture Project is having there, we knew that we had to bring this program to Tri-County Health Care.”

Teresa Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
VP Human Resources, Tri-County Health Care

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Key Success Factors for Positive Culture Change

Have you seen the picture of the tabby cat looking into the mirror and seeing a magnificent lion look back? This is, of course, a powerful metaphor for personal growth and development. And it raises this question: Who could you be, and what would you achieve, if you looked in the mirror and saw your potential best self looking back at you, and then did those things essential to be that person and to achieve those goals?

For leaders – and we all have the opportunity to be leaders, at work and at home – it raises another question: How much better would your organization (and your family) be if you could help all of your people see, and be, their own inner lions? If you could help them do a better job of living their values?

Fortune magazine recently changed the criteria for their famous roster of the 100 best places to work in America. The new criteria essentially say that a great place to work is one where: Effective leaders maximize human potential by helping people live their values, creating a culture where trust and innovation can flourish, resulting in financial growth.

In their book A Leader’s Legacy, Kouzes and Posner (creators of The Leadership Challenge) write that the more clear someone is about their own personal values, the more committed they will be to the core values of their organization. Therefore, it follows that the one of the best investments that leaders can make in their organizations is to help individual employees learn strategies to more effectively live their personal values, at work and at home.

That is the core focus of our mission at Values Coach. Our course on The Twelve Core Action Values is a comprehensive 60-module curriculum for values-based life and leadership skills. These are the values that you want to see reflected in your culture: from Authenticity and Integrity (Core Action Values 1 and 2) through Service and Leadership (Core Action Values 11 and 12), these are your values. Our train-the-trainer process assures that it is not just another pep rally or program of the month, but rather makes an indelible imprint on the cultural DNA of your organization.

Leadership authority Joel Barker writes that a leader is someone who takes it to a place you didn’t know you wanted to go. I add to that definition that a leader is someone who takes you to a place you didn’t know you wanted to go by helping you become the person you didn’t know you could be.

That’s what the CEO of one of our longstanding client organizations meant when he said: “I got a whole new team and didn’t have to change the people because they changed themselves.”

I have come to see that as the gold standard of culture change. When a critical mass of people make the commitment to change themselves in a positive way, organizational culture will change in a positive and permanent way.

If your organization is ready to maximize the human potential of your people by helping your people live their values, contact Michelle Arduser by email at Michelle@ValuesCoach.com or phone at 319-624-3889 to explore the options.

At Values Coach our purpose is transforming people through the power of values and transforming organizations through the power of people. We do that by helping leaders build a stronger Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values.

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