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August 2, 2019
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August 10, 2019
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Fix Your Broken Workplace: Take The Pickle Challenge for a Triple Win!

One of the key goals of The Pickle Challenge is to make people more aware of, and less tolerant of, toxic emotional negativity in themselves and in others.

The Gallup organization titled their most recent report on employee engagement The World’s Broken Workplace. They estimate the cost of employee disengagement to the U.S. economy at more than 700 billion dollars (that’s billion with a B!) per year.

In their book Compassionomics, Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli (both physician executives at Cooper University Medical Center) describe a worldwide compassion crisis.
Renee Thompson, Cole Edmonson, Denise Boudreau-Scott and others have described the “epidemic” of bullying in healthcare organizations.

In her book No Ego, Cy Wakeman says that her research shows the average employee wastes 2.5 hours per day on drama.

And when we calculate the direct financial cost of toxic emotional negativity to hospitals that have taken our VCI-17 Culture Assessment Survey, the totals range from 2-3 million dollars per year for small rural hospitals to 10-25 million dollars per year for mid-size hospitals and to more than 100 million dollars per year for multi-facility health systems.

Later this week, I will share results from our most recent Culture IQ Test survey – there’s still time for you to complete it and be included. I can tell you now, though, it’s not a pretty picture.

That’s why The Pickle Challenge for Charity is so desperately needed today. It helps people turn negative attitudes into gratitude and initiative by turning complaints into charitable contributions.

To learn more about The Pickle Challenge please download the Program Description at the Pickle Pledge website. I hope that your organization will join us for Pickle Challenge 2019. Our goal is to enlist 100 organizations and raise one million dollars for the charities selected by those organizations by turning 4 million complaints into gratitude and initiative – and 25-cent charitable donations.

With a critical mass of organizations making the commitment, we stand a very good chance of sparking a movement to replace whining and complaining with gratitude and initiative everywhere. Can you think of anything more important for our world today?


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