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September 17, 2018
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Finish Your Year Strong – 10 Essential Strategies to Nail Your Goals

Earlier this week I interviewed Gary Ryan Blair, creator of the 100 Day Challenge, about strategies to finish the year strong. Because we had serious challenges with the webcast sound quality a recording is not available so today I’ll share the top ten takeaways from that call.

Strategy #1: Life is a once-and-done proposition and there are no do-overs. On September 22, there will be only 100 days remaining in the current calendar year; 265 days are lost and gone forever. If you are not three-quarters of the way toward achieving the goals you set for yourself last New Year’s Eve, then you are going to have to either pick up your pace or live with regret as you carry the same old (and unfulfilled) goals into 2019.

Strategy #2: But speed is not just about hitting your goal targets – it becomes a way of life. You owe it to yourself and to those who rely upon you to move quickly toward the completion of those goals. Why, Gary asked, would anyone want to perpetuate the pain of procrastination when with a little more effort you can enjoy the joy of achievement?

Strategy #3: Own your adjectives. Choose one adjective that is important to you and your self-identity and commit to living that word. Be the reliable person that people can always depend upon to keep your promises and commitments. Be the creative worker who is always thinking about better ways to get things done. Own that adjective – then pick another one and work on owning it as well.

Strategy #4: Recognize that everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Treat every conversation, every email, every project, every presentation as performance art. Think through how you will immediately engage people at the beginning, how you will spark and answer questions in the middle, and how you will close with an exclamation point that is a call to action.

Strategy #5: Break free of self-inflicted limitations and self-limiting beliefs. Gary asked listeners what it would take to achieve the goals they have set for the next ten years in just the next six months, and shared real-world examples of people who have done just that.

Strategy #6: Remember that you are always either moving toward or moving away from your goals – you are never just idling in neutral.

Strategy #7: Devote at least minutes every day investing in your own personal motivation. For more than half a million people around the world, that has included listening to each day’s lesson from the 100 Day Challenge.

Strategy #8: Be aware that how you end the year 2018 will determine the momentum that you have (or don’t have) for moving into 2019. So commit to finishing strong this year so that you can start fast next year.

Strategy #9: Sign up for Gary’s free Achieve Goals Fast 5-part email course. These five lessons have helped me create a stronger sense of urgency for finishing my year fast, and I promise you that they will do the same for you if you take them to heart.

Strategy #10: On September 22 – when there are only 100 days left in calendar year 2018 – sign up for the 100 Day Challenge and commit the required 10 minutes or so every day (I recommend at the start of the day). As Gary puts it, this course is “rocket fuel for success.”

At Values Coach our purpose is transforming people through the power of values and transforming organizations through the power of people. We do that by helping leaders build a stronger Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values. 

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