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September 20, 2019
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September 27, 2019
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Do Your Leaders Walk the Values Talk?

Excerpt from an email I recently received from
the editor of a national healthcare journal

Several years ago I conducted a webinar on the subject of Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare Organizations for the Leadership Institute of the American Nurses Association. About 3,000 people listened in, and during a 10-minute Q&A session we received more than 120 questions.

The single most frequent question was some variation of this: What do you do when the bully, the emotional vampire, the person who violates the posted values of your organization, is the boss?

The questions were so thoughtful, and in some cases so heartbreaking, that I answered each of them individually.

You can download the 40-page report with those questions and my responses – it will give you some good ideas for fostering a more positive culture where you work.

More recently I’ve been asked to write an article about how people, and especially those with leadership roles, live the values of their organizations. Please help me by taking two minutes or so to share how you perceive values in your organization by taking this short (7 question) survey.

The deadline for my article is this Friday so please complete the survey in the next several days. I will share results with my readers in another post next week. Thank you!

Take the Short Survey

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