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Core Values are the Underpinning of Good Health Behaviors

This booklet created by Midland Health helps people cope with illness and injury with inspiration from the Values Coach course on The Twelve Core Action Values

In our course on The Twelve Core Action Values™, the word “Action” is there because it is the catalyst that transforms good intentions into accomplished reality.

Most unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors spring from a personal failure to live one’s own core values. Most people who smoke would agree that if they were truly living their values, they would quit. Very few alcoholics are proud of the fact that they can’t seem to stop drinking. Most obese people would, if they were living the values they claim to hold, eat fewer donuts and spend more time exercising.

Sometimes, illness and injury happen regardless of how diligently we’ve been taking care of our bodies. Even then, because emotional and spiritual health play such an important role in physical healing, connecting with core values can be a vitally important component of any treatment plan.

Midland Health has set a goal of helping Midland become the healthiest community in Texas. Beginning in 2014, all Midland Health associates, including those participating in new employee orientation, have completed the 2-day course on The Twelve Core Action Values. More recently, the course has been adopted by the Midland Independent School District and is being rolled out through Midland’s public schools. Between Midland Health and MISD, we have prepared more than 100 Certified Values Coaches to teach the course.

Now, we are working with Midland Health to create resources to help people who are coping with illness and injury find courage and strength by using The Twelve Core Action Values as a source of personal inspiration. One of those resources is the new booklet True Health Begins with You: A Guide to Discovering Your Values and How they Impact Your Health (pictured above). They have also established the Better U Texas website as a resource for promoting community population health.

Want to learn more about how Values Coach can help your organization build a more positive Culture of Ownership on the foundation of The Twelve Core Action Values? Call us at 319-624-3889 or email Director of Client Services Michelle Arduser at Michelle@ValuesCoach.com.

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