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Brick Walls and the Laws of Adversity

These are the Laws of Adversity. Understand that adversity will come and be ready to grow from the strength and wisdom you will gain from it. Also understand that when it comes it will be for a temporary visit – plan on passing through the valley of the shadow, not camping out down there in the cold darkness.

Law #1: The rain falls upon the just and the unjust alike, and bad things happen to good people – including you. When (not if) bad things happen, refuse to be a victim.

Law #2: There are millions (or billions) of other people on this earth who would love to have your problems, so keep your challenges in a positive perspective.

Law #3: One door closes, another door opens (though there is often a painful time in the hallway between the two). There is opportunity hidden in every single adversity if you have the strength and courage to search for it and to pursue it when you’ve found it.

Law #4: Falling on your face is good for your head; we often learn more from our failures than we do from our successes, and grow stronger from overcoming obstacles but weaker when our wins come too easily. Adversity prepares you for bigger challenges and greater accomplishments in the future.

Law #5: Without the valleys, you don’t appreciate the mountains. Or as the Arab proverb puts it, all sunshine makes a desert.

Law #6: Sometimes you meet the most important people in your life when you are flat on your back, as many people have learned when they join a support group with others who are working through shared tribulations.

Law #7: Every great accomplishment was once the “impossible dream” of a dreamer who simply refused to quit when things got tough, and the bigger the dream, the bigger the challenges.

Law #8: Surviving adversity is a great way to build self-confidence, and to give you a more positive perspective on future adversity (if we survived that we can survive anything!).

Law #9: Adversity keeps teaching – and it provides great stories for the grandchildren! Your setbacks can, if you’re committed to learning from them and teaching about them, be the source of great learning for others.

Law #10: What you’ve fought to gain you’ll fight hard to keep. You are less likely to fight for those things that have come to you without struggle.

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