Making today’s vision tomorrow’s reality begins by changing what you see in the mirror
July 29, 2019
Be the one who inspires the many for a more positive experience at work – See One, Be One, Teach One
August 2, 2019
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Be the one

Be the one who shakes a hand when others are shaking a fist.

Be the one who inspires courage when others are inciting fear.

Be the one who encourages when others are demoralizing.

Be the one who brings together when others are tearing apart.

Be the one who smiles when others are scowling.

Be the one who whispers when others are shrieking.

Be the one who practices love when others are promoting hate.

Be the one who walks the walk when others only talk the talk.

Be the one you are meant to be and not what you think others expect you to be.

The Pickle Pledge and The Pickle Challenge for Charity

Taking The Pickle Pledge to turn complaints into blessings and constructive suggestions is a powerful first step to becoming your best self – The One that you were put on this earth to be.

And The Pickle Challenge for Charity is a vital catalyst for an organizational culture that encourages the people where you work to each be “the one” they were meant to be and to not be dragged down by the Pickle Suckers in the break room.

Please download the Pickle Challenge Program Description and ask yourself if your organization wouldn’t be a better place to work if your team made that commitment.

If your answer is yes, and if you’re being honest with yourself it will be yes, then ask the powers that be where you work to enlist in this effort to make your workplace – and our world – a more pleasant and productive place. Thank you!

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