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April 4, 2019
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April 8, 2019
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20 Key Success Factors for Positive Culture Change – A Special Report for Leaders

Three elements of the positive culture transformation at Midland Health: The Pickle Pledge, DAISY Awards, and the INSPIRED Award for Values and Culture Excellence

Before you set about to change the culture of your organization, your department, or your family, you should prospectively think about the key success factors for positive culture change. This special report covers the 20 most important KSFs we have discovered in our work with hundreds of hospitals, health systems, and other organizations. Download it, save it, study it, and share it. Thinking about how to apply these factors in your work will help you avoid missteps and assure positive outcomes.


We help hospitals and health systems build a more positive Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values

Learn more by downloading our flyer for the Values and Culture Project, and see results from another successful venture in the Midland Health case study. Then send me an email or call our offices at 319-624-3889 to see how we can help your organization build a more positive Culture of Ownership.

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