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November 3, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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20 Key Success Factors for Positive Culture Change – A Special Report

Bob Dent, COO/CNO at Midland Health in West Texas, recently asked leaders from the organization for the one word that best describes the culture of their organization. As shown in the word cloud above, by far the top response was Ownership. And if you look more closely, there is not one single negative word in the cloud. That would not have been the case when we launched the Values and Culture Project there in 2014.

Midland Health is one of many organizations that Values Coach has helped to build a more positive Culture of Ownership. In this special report, I reflect upon several key trends I see in how leaders perceive the importance of culture, and share 20 key success factors for positive culture change based upon our experiences. Feel free to download and share with others in your organization.

20 Key Success Factors for
Positive Culture Change

At Values Coach our purpose is transforming people through the power of values and transforming organizations through the power of people. We do that by helping leaders build a stronger Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values.

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