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Share the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit with your team and I personally guarantee it will be the best investment you can make in your organization and in your people. I can make this guarantee with confidence because I’ve seen amazing results from clients who are already using it. For a limited time only, we are offering the toolkit and many more features for the special price of just $399.


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cultural blueprintingCultural Blueprinting

When someone walks into your place of business, their first impression will be created by the visible architecture. But their lasting impressions, and what they will tell friends and neighbors, will be shaped by your Invisible Architecture™. Using a construction metaphor, the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit™ gives you a systematic process for making sure that your Invisible Architecture of Core Values (the foundation), Corporate Culture (the superstructure), and Emotional Attitude (the interior) is as beautiful and as functional as the visible architecture that you have designed with such care and attention to detail.


This Toolkit is for You – and Your Organization – If… 

  • You agree with the statement that culture eats strategy for lunch, but you don’t have a culture plan to reinforce your strategic plan.
  • Your organization’s values, culture, and workplace attitudes are not making a significant contribution to employee engagement and loyalty, service quality, and customer/patient satisfaction.
  • You realize that to a large degree your culture today will determine your bottom line two years from now.
  • You appreciate how having a more resilient culture can help you better cope with the uncertainty inherent in today’s turbulent and hypercompetitive world.
  • You realize that whether it’s implementing a new computer system or a new service line, the greatest challenges are often cultural, not structural or strategic.
  • You would like to give your people tools and strategies to be more effective in their personal and professional lives while enhancing their commitment to your organization’s values and vision.

The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit is your “culture consultant in a box”


Culture WheelHere’s what’s Included:

  • 6 one-hour recorded webinars that will challenge you and your team to think about the organization in new ways, and give you tools inspiration to use them.  Each webinar include specific action step assignments and resources.
  • Webinar #1: Employee Engagement and a Culture of Ownership
  • Webinar #2: The Invisible Architecture of Your Organization
  • Webinar #3: The Foundation of Core Values
  • Webinar #4: The Superstructure of Corporate Culture
  • Webinar #5: The Interior of Emotional Attitude in the Workplace
  • Webinar #6: The 4 Dimensions of Values-Based Leadership
  • PowerPoint slides and notes for each webinar with permission to tailor and use internally in your organization.
  • The 180-page Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook (5 hard copies plus shareable eBook edition) packed with tools, references, and great ideas to help you optimize your organization’s Invisible Architecture and foster a stronger culture of ownership. The workbook includes more than 40 practical group exercises that are ideal for leadership and staff meetings.
  • 5 Culture Mapping Schematic Wheels, 5 Pickle Pledge door hangars, and 5 sets of Promise Wristbands for The Self Empowerment Pledge.


Creating a Beautiful New Invisible Architecture to Match the New Physical Structure 

Jason Petik“We’ve had every employee at Sidney Regional Medical Center watch all six webinars in the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit, and new employees watch them as part of orientation. This has helped us reinforce our core values, define our ideal culture, and establish mutual performance expectations to foster that culture – and make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to how we treat our patients and each other. We believe that creating a blueprint for our Invisible Architecture is just as important as the blueprint we are now designing for the new hospital building.”

Jason Petik, President and CEO
Sidney Regional Medical Center
Sidney, Nebraska

The culture change initiative at Sidney Regional Medical Center is featured in the cover story of the current edition of Healthier Nebraska, a publication of the Nebraska Hospital Association.



Crafting the Invisible Architecture at Midland Memorial Hospital

Meyers“I consider our work with Values Coach on the Invisible Architecture of Midland Memorial Hospital to have been as indispensable as our work with the architects who designed our new hospital facility. As a result of our commitment to a culture of ownership we have documented record-high patient satisfaction and clinical quality indicators and have calculated a cultural productivity benefit of more than $7 million annually.”

Russell Meyers, President/CEO
Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland, Texas

An investment in the Invisible Architecture of less than 3/10 of 1% of that invested in the new $176 million hospital facility had a greater impact on patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

Check out Midland’s Culture of Ownership web page.



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