Assess My Culture

assessValues Coach has a unique survey to help you access the culture of your organization, identify potential problem areas, and offer recommendations for making it better.

Step 1:  Conference call with the appropriate members of senior leadership team to better understand perceived cultural strengths, potential areas of improvement, and to discuss particular customized questions they want to explore.

Step 2:  All-employee Cultural Assessment Survey, including standard and customized questions.  We use Survey Monkey to assure anonymity to respondents and to allow comparisons with our data base.  We help draft any necessary cover memos.

Step 3:  We will send you a report with observations and recommendations and schedule a conference call to discuss these.

Step 4:  To help you follow up and implement our recommendations we will provide you with our unique Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit, which includes 6 one-hour webinars and a 180-page workbook.



“Our engagement with Values Coach has resulted in substantial productivity savings, measurably enhanced morale, and record high patient  satisfaction scores, but the most important benefit has been the impact on helping individual employees change their lives for the better.”

Bob Dent, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Midland Memorial Hospital, Texas